Sab Kuch Milega

About ten years ago, I woke up from a particularly vivid dream, immediately grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil, and scribbled down a stream of consciousness. Giving it to my husband later that morning, I told him where the words had come from and said that I thought he might be able to use them. He (Jo Burt for those of you who don't already know) was currently in the throes of writing his second solo studio album.

At that stage I could never have imagined that the lyrics I gave him would end up being part of his incredible track 'Sab Kuch Milega'; and released on his album 'Indestructible' which we recorded under the expert guidance of iconic Producer, Chris Kimsey (Peter Frampton, Rolling Stones etc etc).

I had written with Jo many times before, obviously. But usually sitting together in a writing session, listening to his work and editing it. Helping him find more punchy lyrics where something wasn't quite sitting right – or replacing a key word here or there. Suggesting an arrangement change or two or making a tweak to a melody. That kind of thing. More the 'editor' to his 'writer'. I have always considered it a great privilege and compliment that a writer as talented as Jo welcomes my guidance to help him complete his work.

So imagine my surprise when I saw his own scribbled notes a few weeks later, with my lyrics almost totally unchanged as the entire first half of the song.

Ask Jo what the song is about, and he'll tell you it's a song of hope and healing. 'Sab Kuch Milega' is a Hindi phrase, which literally translated means 'Everything is Possible'. Jo uses the phrase as a chant within the song, made even more powerful when it is picked up by a choir put together specially for the recording.

It's a stunning track – there's no getting away from it – Jo is a phenomenal songwriter. If you haven't heard his music – do yourself a favour and listen. He writes beautifully. And yes, I know I'm biased. But this is a man who put the word 'photosynthesis' into a song, for goodness' sake! As it happens, into the very same song my 'dream lyrics' were in. And it worked.

I actually said to him when I saw his notes: “you can't put photosynthesis in a song!” with an incredulous look on my face. But I knew before I even finished the statement that if anybody could, Jo could. I'll never forget him picking up his guitar with a wicked grin on his face and singing the lyrics to me. I burst out laughing and actually squealed “Ohmygod - that's f*****g brilliant!” It's making me laugh just typing this.

Read for yourself - and then click the song title to listen:

Sab Kuch Milega (Everything is Possible)

We do what's right, we do what's just
We tread this path from dust to dust
In all the things we do and words we say
For those who can forgive us must
We've worked so hard to gain their trust
And this become our mantra every day

I still believe
If we make it right now
There's enough love in the world to go around

Now every morning has it's sun
The photosynthesis begun
The oxygen of life is ours for free
As darkness guarantees the night
And Mother Nature sleeps so tight
Sister Moon will hypnotise the sea

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