Antonia Burt Professional Marketing & Promotions Consultant based in Sherborne Dorset

Antonia Burt - photograph by Adrian Mitchell

Antonia Burt is a Freelance Promotions Consultant with over 25 years experience in various fields of promotion and marketing, which makes her the ideal choice for any small business looking to expand their reach. Specialising in social media marketing (including training), general marketing & producing promotional material, Antonia primarily works with smaller businesses who need to increase their consumer awareness. She currently works with local, national & international businesses and individuals to promote their products and services, both business to business and business to consumer.

Relocating to London straight from college, Antonia began her career working for an international event organisation company with major military defence contracts. After 3 years she moved into the media and music industry. Beginning with media contracts for various advertising, PR and production companies; numerous short term contracts for every major record label, including Sony and BMG followed.

In roles as diverse as A&R, Artist Liaison, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing; when Antonia was ultimately head-hunted by the Promotions department at Columbia Records she brought with her a unique understanding of the many varied elements of promotion.

In 2002, Antonia made a brave decision to move on from her extremely successful career at Columbia, after spending many years promoting artists such as Beyoncé and Destiny's Child, Savage Garden, Aerosmith and many more of Columbia's heavy-weight roster.

Striking out on her own as a freelance Promotions Consultant proved the right decision and Antonia spent the next 8 years working with clients as diverse as hair and beauty salons, fitness studios and fashion houses through to bands and musicians.

Developing her ability to typeset and create artwork during this time, she also designed entire ranges of publicity material for many of her clients.

On moving from London to Dorset in 2009, Antonia continued to work with her key London-based clients, until she saw an opportunity with Northcliffe Media South West & Wales. This led to 2 extremely successful years working with the Western Gazette and Mid Somerset News & Media devising, pulling together and running the biggest promotions created for the company to date.

Inevitably, having taken the role at Northcliffe as far as she could, Antonia decided to set out on her own once more as a freelance Promotions Consultant and Beauhemia was born. Preferring to work with small, independent businesses and lucky enough to be able to pick and choose her clients, Antonia is looking forward to a long and interesting career.

"My company name 'Beauhemia' is no accident." She tells anyone who asks. "If you want corporate and jargon-based marketing - I'm NOT your woman! I've been there & done that. If, however, you're after intuition, passion and over 25 years of experience ... you know where to find me!"

Antonia's broad experience over the years has involved working as a DJ for Total Rock radio; writing a monthly column for online and print magazines; recording voice-overs and performing and recording regularly in a professional touring and festival band.